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Sentry Kiosk

Revolutionary Safety and Protection

The system leverages patented technologies to provide best-in-class safety and peace of mind for consumers and employees in both public and private premises.

Welcome to Sentry Kiosk

The Sentry Kiosk™, is an advanced touch-less and staff-less detection platform designed to provide peace of mind for employees, customers, & guests. Sentry Kiosk™ is a breakthrough invention that combines screening techniques, surveys, and sanitization in a single platform capable of connecting visitor management, time card, and security systems. The kiosk is proudly designed, manufactured, and  assembled in the U.S.A, and is the only fully automated and integrated solution with this feature set.

Sentry Kiosk is supported by Sentry Link, a cloud-based platform that provides your organization with a powerful real-time dashboard to manage your Sentry Kiosks and observe daily activity and trends. It includes tools to easily set up, administer, monitor, and manage disparately located kiosks. The facial recognition capabilities match images taken at the kiosk to identify individuals and their corresponding access privileges.