New feature! Sentry Kiosk can test for sense of smell!

Infrared Temperature Scanners

Infrared temperature sensors are positioned on the upper and lower sections of the kiosk for ADA compliance. These medical grade sensors quickly and accurately capture temperature readings with a sensitivity of 0.2 degrees Celsius in just seconds.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer

An automated touchless hand sanitizing dispenser integrated in the kiosk and proper sanitization is required in order to proceed. An optical sensor automatically monitors usage and ensures user compliance-while also providing an audit trail.


Through a library of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and, where necessary, assistance from value-added resellers or integrators, the Sentry Kiosk™ triggers automatic door/entry access. The video stream can also be added to the customer’s video management system (VMS).

Facial Recognition (optional)

Advanced facial recognition technology enforces compliance for facilities requiring face masks. It can also deny/allow entry for credentialed employees or medically evaluated individuals. The kiosk can communicate through APIs to remote HR or other personnel software management platform for further access control or auditing purposes.

Sentry Link

Sentry Link is Sentry Kiosk's secure administrative portal. Sentry Link provides managers with real-time access reporting and includes a complete documented API to ease integration with your existing systems, and can provide robust reporting and predictive capabilities.

Personal Health Surveys

Access to a building or facility may require routine health surveys to be filled out. These can be easily managed by the administrator remotely and displayed on the kiosk’s LCD touch display at any time. All of which is touch-less for the end user.

Video Assistance and Consultation (optional)

When a user is denied entry after a temperature reading exceeds the acceptable threshold or if hands are not sanitized, a video conference with a nurse, HR professional or any other designated person can be automatically initiated.

Occupancy Monitoring and Controls (optional)

Advanced vision technology counts people entering or leaving the location, allowing enforcement of social distancing or maximum occupancy requirements.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant

The kiosk’s standard configuration is ADA compliant for height and screen operation, where applicable.

Customized Messaging

Kiosk software is easily programmable by authorized personnel for custom messaging including next-step directives, Public Service Announcements (PSA) or emergency messaging.

Anti-tampering Protection

Kiosks are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that detect physical tampering and then alerts designated individuals. Immediate audio warnings can also be triggered.

Management Software

Sentry Kiosk offers a robust cloud-based software platform on which credentialed administrators can manage and monitor key performance and system attributes. Robust reporting and automated alerts can be set up based on configurable settings. Additionally, the system monitors the health of the system every 15 minutes and send automated text alerts and routing information to the appropriate service personnel.

Flexible and Scalable Architecture

The kiosk’s architecture is designed for easy remote management and updates. With built-in processing power and broadband connectivity, the system offers flexibility to adapt over time to changes in the environment or safety requirements.

Cloud or premise-based data retention and integration services.

Sentry Link hosts images of authorized visitors, guests, residents, and employees, and aggregates data from each session, making it easy to monitor trends.

Remote monitoring and network operation center integration (optional).

Another benefit offered by Sentry Link.